Belt Demagnetisation

The splicing of steel cord conveyor belts creates non-uniform magnetic fields. This is due to the cutting and staggered layout of the steel cords during the splicing process. When the belts convey material such as iron ore magnetite, the steel cords and splice connection can cause magnetisation over time.

If connection splice locations are not demagnetised, it can cause false trips on tramp metal detectors. To correct these issues, you’ll have to temporarily suspend operations. The costs associated with this unscheduled downtime can add up over time, thus negatively impacting your business’s competitiveness.  

SRO Technology delivers and calibrates dependable demagnetisation solutions, eliminating unnecessary problems. We partnered with VeyTech so we could install, calibrate and service some of the most reputable instruments in the industry.  

Why invest in demagnetisation?

Ultimately, the purpose of a demagnetisation system is to reduce the problems associated with random charges that disrupt processes. The technology helps manufacturers, miners and other companies in the industrial sector not only exercise quality control, but also decrease the final prices of their products.

Prices are dictated by supply, demand and the costs associated with your projects. There are expenses you won’t be able to get rid of, but there are those which are unnecessary and are associated with random disturbances.

For example, software company SAS noted that supply chain disruptions can decrease shareholder value by as much as eight to 10 per cent, thus impacting business people’s willingness to invest in your business. Magnetisation causes such problems, which is why demagnetising systems are so crucial.  

Providing reliable, quality solutions

SRO Technology is an official distributor of VeyTech’s FLUXRITE demagnetisation system. This system is the first, permanently installed, contactless demagnetisation solution for steel cord conveyor belts.  

The FLUXRITE system eliminates strong pockets of magnetism that forms in the splices of steel cord conveyor belts. Consisting of three condition heads, the solution is placed underneath the belt. When operational, the FLUXRITE first normalises and then attenuates the magnetic flux. This eliminates the false tramp metal detection trips that can cause problems for manufacturers, miners and other similar companies.  

One of the best features of the FLUXRITE system is that users can adjust it based on their operations. Turnbuckles located on both sides of the solution enable personnel to raise or lower the demagnetisation unit with ease, ensuring a preferable distance between the belt and conditioning heads.  

VeyTech designed the FLUXRITE demagnetisation solution with the toughest environments in mind. Whether you’re processing wood and pulp, iron ore, coal or a number of other materials, the system will withstand the demands of your facility. Made with 316 stainless steel, the FLUXRITE’s ability to resist corrosion and pitting reduces the maintenance required to keep the solution up and running.   

Why SRO Technology?

With extensive knowledge of the industrial sector, SRO Technology can install, calibrate and repair demagnetisation systems no matter where you are. If you’re working with the FLUXRITE or any other product, our experts will do whatever they can to satisfy your needs.

No matter where you’re located, SRO Technology will be there to help. Our nationwide service centres enable us to quickly visit sites and deliver solutions that leave you in a better position. If you’d like to learn more, call our Head Office on +61 2 9525 3077, or send an email to