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Demagnetisation systems provide a useful function.

In the mining sector, tramp metal can pose a serious issue. This is debris that's capable of causing significant damage to vital equipment. When operations need to be shut down frequently to deal with this metal debris, the costs can stack up.

Detection systems provide a solution, but there's an issue if connection splice locations aren't appropriately magnetised.

Why is demagnetisation a necessary technology?

Strong pockets of magnetic flux often occur within the splices of steel cord conveyor belts. These non-uniform magnetic fields are created as a result of the cutting and staggered layout of steel cords during the splicing process.

These magnetic fields can then disrupt tramp metal detectors, leading to a need to suspend operations while operators investigate the system for faults. It's easy to see how this can prove a serious issue when magnetic fields continually set off detectors, in turn leading to downtime.

This is where belt demagnetisation technology comes into play, a technology that's capable of reducing random detection issues.

Belt demagnetisation systems have no contact with the belt. Using several conditioning heads that are placed below the carry side of the belt, the system is able to normalise and then attenuate the magnetic flux. In turn, this eliminates false detection.

So how does it work? As the magnetised splices pass over the demagnetisation system it effectively reduces the magnetic flux levels.  

It's important that mine operators consider an appropriate solution.

Sourcing a reliable solution

Belt demagnetisation systems can play a critical role in reducing downtime, and the right solution is especially important. SRO Technology is an official distributor of the VeyTech FLUXRITE system – meaning we're able to carry out the installation, calibration and repairs if they're ever required.

FLUXRITE should be considered, given that it's designed for tough working environments and can be adjusted depending on the needs of the organisation. For example, it's easy to either raise or lower the unit depending on the situation.

This partnership with VeyTech also means that SRO Technology customers can gain access to extremely capable and reliable technologies.

If you're interested in learning more about the belt demagnetisation systems available from SRO Technology, reach out to us via our email at, or call our head office on 61 2 9525 3077.