Design and Commissioning


Measurement is one of the most critical aspects of any bulk material handling or material processing system.

Without accurate and precise measurement, a mining company can neither measure the quantity of material produced nor determine the material’s quality. This lack of knowledge will have a direct impact on the firm’s operations and profitability.

SRO Technology specialises in delivering custom instrumentation solutions to satisfy customer measurement needs. Whether a quarry in Western Australia, a pulp manufacturing plant in New South Wales or any other industrial operation throughout Australia, our technicians are prepared to assist you.

A solution for every need 

Purchasing measuring devices and integrating them into operations may seem like the best way to gain insights into material processing and production. However, this approach fails to acknowledge the fact that no two instruments or applications are the same.

Consider the different ways companies use tramp metal detection solutions. While food processing facilities use these systems to remove small metal particles from liquids and solids for consumer safety and regulatory reasons, miners depend on the technology to remove excavator teeth, barbed wire and other large objects that can damage equipment such as cone crushers.

Analysing needs, producing solutions

With these considerations in mind, SRO Technology’s design and commissioning specialists analyse the details of your processes. We sit down and speak with you about the challenges you’re facing, allowing us to deduce exactly how we can assist you.

After the initial phase, we assemble a team comprised of professionals with a wide range of technical skills.

Ultimately, this collection of experts establishes a plan to configure and install specific instruments. To ensure project success, SRO Technology’s team focuses on delivering solutions that:

  • Are designed to specific applications
  • Possess accuracy levels that are appropriate for certain operations
  • Will produce reliable, consistent results
  • Can withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Add value to your operations

Most importantly, our chief goal is to deliver solutions, not products. The purpose of our solutions is to deliver greater insight into your operations and enable you to exercise thorough quality assurance measures whenever appropriate.

Why SRO Technology?

SRO Technology is an industry-leading measurement solutions provider, delivering instruments and services that specifically address the key needs of various businesses. Because SRO is brand agnostic, we are free to work with a range of products in the market, such as those manufactured by Ramsey, CST, Schenck, Webtech, Techweigh, Gamma-Metrics, Siemens and Vega Mintrac Equipment.

SRO Technology has a team of design engineers and service technicians who have experience developing conceptual studies with engineering, procurement and construction management professionals. This enables us to provide customised, retrofitted solutions to plant managers.

With service centres throughout the nation and offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, we’re prepared to deliver our expertise no matter where you’re located in Australia. In addition, our technicians guarantee quick response times, ensuring disruption costs do not get out of hand.

Want to learn more about our design and commissioning services? Call our New South Wales office at (61) 2 9525 3077, our Queensland office at (61) 7 3395 6136 or send an email to


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