Ensuring ongoing accuracy of weighing equipment such as weightometers and feeders is the key to optimal production. The ongoing accuracy of these will help mitigate production losses through:

  • Lowering the cost of wasted input materials
  • Reducing processing flaws that can lead to recalls
  • Decreasing operational throughput

Partnering with SRO Technology, we can provide comprehensive solutions and support to ensure your weightometers and feeders remain accurate. We can help you with the cost of securing the equipment you need. Further, SRO Technology can support that equipment through our maintenance, calibration and repair service.

Read on to see how maintaining accurate weighing equipment such as weightometers and feeders can be done in three easy steps.

Maintaining weightometer and feeder accuracy

Maintaining weightometer and feeder accuracy

Amortises the cost by financing the purchase of weightometers and feeders

A chief concern facing industrial operators is the high start-up cost of purchasing equipment such as weightometers and feeders. This type of industrial equipment comes with a hefty initial price tag, often making the capital expenditure needed difficult to progress. Weightometers and weight feeders can, however, often pay for themselves tenfold over a medium timeframe. An effective way to eliminate the difficulty in getting large lump sums of capital expenditure approved is by using finance to amortise the purchase over time.

SRO Technology offers a number of equipment financing structures, allowing companies of all sizes to acquire the funds they need. In consultation with you, we can develop a payment plan that suits the nature of your business and your financial situation.

Finance leases

Finance leases enable you to rent the equipment for an agreed period of time. With a finance lease, we buy the equipment and rent it to you with a purchase option at the end of the lease. This option allows you to avoid the high upfront cost of purchasing the weightometers or feeders outright.

Commercial hire purchase

A commercial hire purchase allows you to hire the weightometers and feeders from us for a fixed monthly repayment over a set period. At the end of the term, when the total price of the equipment (minus any residual) and interest has been paid in full, you take ownership.

Operating leases

Operating leases require you to pay a monthly fee in exchange for the weightometers and feeders. At the end of the lease you can return the equipment without any further obligation.

Use maintenance and calibration services to ensure weightometer and feeder accuracy

If the accuracy of your weightometer and feeders is not being checked frequently it can lead to major production issues. When you are processing large bulk material volumes, small errors can quickly accumulate and lead to major costs. How well you maintain the accuracy in this critical type of industrial equipment depends on how you value maintenance and calibration services.

Delayed attendance to a production issue can lead to unplanned downtime and major disruptions. Predictive maintenance involves professionals periodically checking all aspects of your weighing equipment for signs of inaccuracy and fatigue.

Comprehensive inspections

It is important to have all related aspects of the weighing equipment checked. For example, if the belt speed sensor on your weigh feeder becomes inaccurate it can fail to measure changes in belt speed. A minute difference in this related aspect can cause a chain reaction that reduces precision of your weighing process which is a little further along the production line. Without having comprehensive inspections and checking aspects related to the weighing process like this, the equipment is not being properly maintained.

Minimise maintenance spend

Expert service providers such as SRO Technology can help minimise maintenance spend on weightometers and feeders by providing assistance such as:

  • Supplying calibration weights to weighers so that they can fly to site to complete the calibration and thereby reduce travel spend
  • Calibrate several sites on a single maintenance run to reduce accommodation and travel (vehicle hire and flights) costs
  • Provide over the phone fault finding assistance to our regular clients to enable them to travel to site complete the repair with the correct parts
  • Designing and installing the right combination of weighing and calibration equipment to minimise and calibration and downtime, as well as maximise accuracy

Regularly maintain your weightometers and feeders

Regularly maintain your weightometers and feeders

Repairing and retrofitting weightometers and feeders to extend their lifespan

The lifespan of weightometers and feeders is finite. Their effective operational life will cease after some period of time or volume of operation. Sometimes weighing equipment will suffer catastrophic failure, breaking down unavoidably and unexpectedly. When dealing with weighing equipment in these circumstances you may consider replacing the entire section of plant. After all, there are many advantages to installing new equipment.

Advantages over replacement

Replacing such equipment is, however, not always the best option. It is often more feasible to repair and retrofit the existing plant. By using repair and retrofitting, and simply replacing components within or related to the weighing equipment, you can easily and cost-effectively extend the lifespan of weightometers, feeders and belt scales.

  • Production downtime while waiting for new equipment can be costly
  • Cost of repairing or retrofitting may inexpensive compared to the cost of replacing

SRO Technology have much experience and expertise in advising whether it is best to repair or retrofit, rather than replace, failed weighing equipment.

Maximise weightometer and feeder lifespans

Maximise weightometer and feeder lifespans

Contact us if you are looking for help in maintaining weightometer or feeder accuracy

SRO Technology excels in providing local service and repairs for weighing equipment across Australia. Our team has much experience in this field and can easily identify and resolve issues that will keep your weightometers and feeders operating accurately. We also design and install the best-fit combination of weighing and calibration equipment to:

  • Maximise accuracy
  • Minimise calibration time
  • Minimise downtime

If you need help, please contact the SRO Technology team today. Feel free to call on 02 9525 3077 or contact us. You can even send us a message via our FaceBook page if you like.