Food and Beverages

Searching for contamination is essential to the creation and delivery of edible products to the public. However, detecting physical intrusions in the form of glass, metal, stone, plastic and bone is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

To accomplish responsible food production, the food and beverage industry needs accurate equipment they can trust. SRO Technology is an Australian leader in accurate and reliable food safety equipment.With a quality range of metal detectors, checkweighing and x-ray detection systems to choose from, food processors can be assured their production line is free of physical contaminants.

SRO Technology specialises in designing, configuring, installing and maintaining a wide variety of instrumentation solutions, from x-ray inspection to metal detection. Our personnel understand industry- and process-specific needs, and are therefore capable of delivering custom, effective food and beverage solutions.


Choosing the right inspection equipment

As a food processor, it is essential to have reliable and accurate dynamic detection systems that can ensure your production line is free of contamination. SRO Technology has partnered with Thermo Scientific and Ramsey/Icore to deliver quality product inspection solutions to companies seeking responsible food production processes.

X-ray Inspection

SRO Technology’s X-ray inspection systems offer comprehensive protection from a range of food contaminants, such as glass, metal, stone and other highly-dense foreign intrusions. SRO Technology offers a wide range of models that allow businesses to choose the solution that best fits their application.

From entry level to high performance, SRO Technology’s X-ray inspection systems provide a number of benefits, including:

  • Wide-use capabilities – inspect any form of packaged, bulk or piped products
  • Sophisticated technology – software for containment detection, mass measurement, fill volume, product morphology
  • Simple interface – touchscreen enabled systems that allow quick installation, product transition, documentation and root-cause identification.

Metal Detection

SRO Technology’s metal detection systems combine accuracy with simple use. Our reliable range of metal detection systems deliver high performance for series of applications.

This product family has been developed to ensure the highest level of sensitivity with minimal incorrect exclusions in a range of processes and practices.

  • Wide range of applications – dynamic detection in packaged, bulk and piped products.<;i>
  • Customisable – high volume of standard head types.


SRO Technology’s checkweighers are the epitome of technological advancements. Their sophisticated design combines advanced weighing technology with a number of different weigh frames.

The combination allows SRO Technology’s checkweighers to be purposed for both general as well as exacting, high-accuracy applications.

  • 50 years experience – legacy brands Ramsey and Icore offer consumers equal or better than industry standards.
  • Designed for ease of use – SRO checkweighers have a simple interface, while maintenance is uncomplicated.
  • Scalable – equipment can grow as your business or supply chain grows.
  • Specialised-ensured product integrity with specific models for different products including food and beverages.
  • Combinable – use in conjunction with other systems such as metal detectors ad bespoke systems.

Mitigating risks

Globalisation and advances in technology have created a truly international supply chain. Food processors are no longer simply dealing with domestic standards but also complex and often contradictory international requirements.

A lack of quality food safety equipment, such as x-ray detection systems, can jeopardise the products and the integrity of a food processor’s reputation. Yet, responsible food production can be achieved through innovative and advanced technological food safety instruments.

As a manufacturer or supplier monitoring, detecting and maintaining a hygienic and responsible food production supply chain can safeguard the quality of your products. Food contaminants of any kind can lead to serious consequences for companies due to product liability legislation.

Dynamic detection systems are essential for reducing the risks companies shoulder and mitigating the potential negative consequences.

Delivering solutions through SRO Technology

Responsible food production relies on detecting and removing contaminants from the supply chain and ensuring that a quality product is delivered to suppliers and wholesalers.

SRO Technology has nearly 30 years’ worth of experience delivering a range of services, including dynamic detection, to a number of industries, such as Engineering, Manufacturing and Servicing Instrumentation in the Mining.

Our long term expertise on the application and delivery of detection solutions means SRO Technology are well suited to the dynamically detecting food contamination. Using highly accurate and reliable Thermo Scientific product inspection solutions, food processors can be assured they are receiving the best services and products available.

With over 65 years of experience delivering product inspection solutions, Thermo Scientific are world leaders when it comes to helping companies and businesses defend the security and quality of both their packaged and unpackaged goods.

SRO Technology can take the highly advanced equipment and adapt it to your specific application, while also offering comprehensive maintenance and calibration services. Specialising in brand-name instruments, such as Thermo Scientific, we can review, assess and adjust sensors and other information-gathering devices to ensure the devices that support your production chain are dependable.

Through our cost-effective and quality solutions, SRO Technology aims to improve operations that deliver safe consumable products. If you are interested in our solutions, contact us today at 61 2 9525 3077 or alternatively, email through any questions or queries you may have to

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