For food companies around the world, accurate inspections are essential for developing and distributing quality goods and services.

With most products stamped with your brand name, the last thing you want is variable quality and product integrity that can jeopardise the standing of your company – not to mention the financial costs of length and avoidable recalls.

This is where SRO Technology’s checkweighing comes into the fold. Our checkweighing systems can deliver a level of performance and reliability that ensures your packaged and unpackaged products are free of contamination and of high quality. With SRO Technology on your team, you can rest assured you are delivering safe products to consumers.

Driving performance through SRO Technology

Using weight to classify, sort and segregate products is an ideal way to ensure the quality and integrity of a product. For the food and beverage industry, this is essential to delivering standardisation across the production process, while also identifying and removing problematic items.

It does not matter if you need to check for under and/or overweight packages, achieve compliance for net content laws or check for missing components in packaged products, an SRO Technology checkweigher system can do this and more.

With the latest weighing technology, SRO Technology’s checkweighers use highly accurate in-motion scales that automate product weighing with the objective of determining if it is within specified limits. Our checkweighing systems can facilitate responsible food production by accurately weighing products ranging from 2 grams to 68 kilograms.

Depending on the type of product, speed and other key line variables, SRO Technology systems can offer accuracy to within 50 mg at 3 sigma. They can also operate at very high speeds – up to 700 products per minute – while still offering reliability.

Adding flexibility to your business

As businesses develop new brand lines and increase their production capacity, they need equipment that will be able to handle the extra workload. SRO Technology’s checkweighing equipment has a number of options to ensure high standards of food safety in the face of increased processing capacity or diversified production.

With a wide range of weight frames for both general and more specific applications that require high accuracy, processors can be assured their systems will grow as they grow. Our easy to use and easy to maintain systems are scalable and offer processors a high level of flexibility.

Managing the production lines is also made easier through constant filler feedback and communication protocols offered by SRO Technology’s product inspection systems.

Why partner with SRO Technology?

With over three decades of experience working in a number of sectors, SRO Technology have a deep knowledge of product inspection. Our experience in engineering and maintaining mining, bulk materials and processing instruments mean SRO Technology are able to create unique systems for each sector we work in.

Our expertise allows SRO Technology to develop a customised range of services, adding depth and breadth to your inspection process. Whether you want a checkweighing system on its own or a combination of weighing and metal detection within one system, our specialists can help you find a practical and cost-effective solution.

If you would like to know more about how our dedicated staff can help you develop a product inspection solution to fit your application, contact SRO Technology today.

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