One of the most common – and vital – procedures in the industrial sector is the accurate measurement of liquid density. Ensuring the materials input during production are chemically accurate and won't enter the composition of an end product is important for improved quality control. Similarly, liquid slurry is likely to be generated as a by-product at some point during the production stages, no matter the operation or enterprise sector.

As such, integrating high-quality density gauges into your industrial processing system is essential for the accurate measurement characteristic of best-in-class businesses.

How do density gauges work?

Nucleonic density gauges are the perfect tool for the contactless and accurate measurement of industrial slurries in real-time. These gauges operate by distributing radioactive energy through a sealed tank. Passing through the liquid before being picked up by a receiver, these instruments register the energy received, minus any blocked by the liquid being measured, thereby calculating density.

This data is vital to improving industrial procedures and streamlining production.

Why are density gauges used in industrial processes?

Density gauges ensure that industrial processes can continue with fewer checks on the wider system. Inaccurate processes could wreak havoc on your operations without any external indication of anything wrong. This makes devices such as nucleonic density gauges vital to gathering datasets that offer insight into the wider functionality of your production system.

Density gauges enable workers to more accurately measure liquid density in industrial processes. Density gauges enable workers to more accurately measure liquid density in industrial processes. 

Knowledge is power – without the support of accurate tools for measuring production input and output, professionals won't have the data to assess industrial processes and make informed decisions. Measuring the liquid entering or leaving your system gives operators a broad base of data on the state of production, including:

  • Whether or not liquid entering the industrial system is suitable for the process.
  • The quality of the end product. Any changes to the density of liquid byproducts can indicate that something has gone wrong and that your end product will not meet specifications.
  • Production equipment performance. For example, if the liquid produced is too dense it may indicate that your equipment needs more regular maintenance or to be re-calibrated.

Density gauges also offer a simpler way of measuring liquid density without compromising safety through manual testing. This is particularly useful in preventing pipe blockages through slurry buildup from industrial washing processes. Blocks can be dangerous if left unchecked, so density gauges give operators the chance to test for liquid build ups without manually dissembling any pipes.

SRO Technology's density gauge equipment

The dangers of using a nucleonic density gauge are more than outweighed by the benefits of the device – but only if used safely. Because the instrument uses gamma rays to record density data, nucleonic equipment has to be handled, serviced and calibrated professionally. Safety is very important when using density gauges, which is why SRO Technology's nucleonic devices are so well received in the industrial sector.

Density guages need to be handled by professionals to ensure safety isn't compromised.Density gauges need to be handled by professionals to ensure safety isn't compromised.

We offer a range of solutions to suit any application, with density gauge instruments to suit every industrial application or enterprise sector. Density gauges are particularly useful for:

  • Dredging, to offer insight into the equipment's production rate.
  • Processing plants, as the solution can measure underflow and overflow density to determine if the both the separation and float tanks have the correct density.
  • Coal handling and preparation plants because operators can determine when coal separates from waste materials during washing.

A key consideration for high-quality density gauges is the safety processes when using these devices. SRO Technology gives detailed thought to preventing the risk of compromised operational safety when supplying and maintaining nucleonic gauges. Our team is dedicated to partnering with industrial businesses by offering ongoing calibration services to ensure anyone using a density gauge can do so safely.

Thanks to our numerous locations across Australia and expertise in the use of density gauges, there is likely to be a local SRO Technology facility in your state! To speak to one of our team about nucleonic density gauges or for more information about our other industrial production equipment, contact the team today by clicking the image below.