We are dramatically improving our bulk measurement instrumentation service by opening a base in Mackay in Queensland. This will allow us to better support the mines in the Bowen Basin and power generating plants in the region.

This expansion better enables us to provide to our existing clients in the region with a more responsive and efficient service. Being located in the area will create opportunities for us to expand our servicing to other clients in the region and benefit from our proximity so they have easy access to our industry service.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

New Mackay base further improves local bulk measurement instrumentation service

New Mackay base further improves local bulk measurement instrumentation service


Local servicing from MacKay strategic move to better and expand business

Mackay, a major mining centre, is known as the port of entry to the Bowen Basin, which is the biggest land carbon stock in Australia, having 34 facilities taking out of the earth over 100 million tonnes of coal per year. A large percentage of this coal is utilised domestically, while China and Japan are the major export markets.

As authorities on bulk measurement instrumentation on such machinery as conveyor belt scales and tramp metal detectors, SRO has traditionally partnered with many clients in the Mackay region and currently services a mixture of mining, ports and process plants,

With continuing growth in the industry and ever-increasing demand for its services, SRO felt it was opportune to move further into the area. In this way they can provide clients with a local presence, ensuring responsive, efficient service.

Andy Clake, Chief Executive Officer , said he is excited to announce the growth into the Mackay region. “This will not only allow us to service our current customer base more reactively and efficiently, especially in the COVID climate, but will also allow new customers to take advantage of our ‘best in class’ service offering, locally.”

This move is part of our strategic plan to become an industry-leading supplier of weighing and measuring services throughout Queensland and nationally.

Service base has permanent ample space for storing spares locally

This service base has been established as a permanent facility from which SRO will operate for the foreseeable future. It is ideally located and easily accessed by car or truck. It operates full-time and is staffed by local people. The premises are huge, providing ample space for storage of spare parts and hardware.

Local qualified and skilled technicians on hand

SRO’s technicians have much experience servicing instruments used at mining works, where bulk material needs to be moved, combined, freighted or processed and requires precise and continuous measurements.

SRO takes great satisfaction from knowing it engages only certified, qualified workmen to provide services on its clients’ premises. Staff employed to work at the Mackay base are local people, engaged on a permanent full-time basis. Indeed, our belief in this credo has been integral to this organisation being a pre-eminent supplier of weighing and measuring services nationally and, specifically, within Queensland.

About Mackay and the surrounding regions

Mackay, is a major regional centre with more than 80,000 residents (as at June 2018), located on the east coast of Queensland, approximately 970km from Brisbane. Situated on the banks of the Pioneer River, Mackay is known as Australia’s ‘sugar capital’ due to the fact that over one third of the nation’s sugar is grown and processed in that area.

Mackay’s history goes back to Captain Cook!

In 1770, Captain James Cook sailed through Queensland waters in his ship, ‘The Endeavour’. Sailing up the eastern coast of Australia, he was the first European to pass by the Mackay area but didn’t go ashore to explore the area.

It was not until 1860, when Captain John Mackay, the first European explorer, travelled overland from northern NSW looking for good grazing land. He led a group of people into the area and, in 1861, established the settlement of Mackay.

The Mackay region continued to be largely cattle property until 1865 when John Spiller planted the first sugar. The first sugar mills were built in the area around Mackay in 1867, and the first sugar exports commenced in that year.

Bowen Basin near Mackay is the mining industry hub Queensland

The Basin, which takes its name from the Bowen River, holds Australia’s greatest volume of coal resources and, indeed, one of the biggest repositories of bituminous coal on the globe. The area holds the largest percentage of Queensland’s Permian coal deposits, encompassing practically 100% of the prime coking coal repositories thus far discovered and able to be mined.

The majority of Bowen Basin’s open skies and delf mining sites are in the north. In August 2011 the area had 48 working mines, as the mining boom appeared to be ongoing (based on QLD Govt statistics) over 50 were being contemplated for the area.

Coal exports are facilitated via the Goonyella train track, which passes through Dalrymple Bay and Hay Point, plus Gladstone, a port city, is also used for exporting coal.

Major coal mines and the number of employees (as of 2011) include:

  • Byerwen Mine while still under development employed 1,000 workers
  • Curragh coal mine employed 1,600 workers
  • Dawson Central Mine employed 1,560 workers
  • Goonyella Riverside Mine employed 2,360 workers
  • Hail Creek coal mine employed 1,270 workers
  • Peak Downs Mine employed 1,760 workers
  • Saraji coal mine employed 1,615 workers

Mining companies include:

  • BHP Mitsubishi Alliance
  • BHP Mitsui Alliance
  • Felix Resources
  • Idemitsu Kosan
  • Macarthur Coal
  • Peabody Energy
  • QCoal
  • Vale
  • Wesfarmers
  • Glencore

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