Mining facilities are asset-heavy operations, utilising a balanced combination of heavy machinery and measuring solutions to achieve a consistent quality and quantity of product.

Every mine adheres to a set of processes specific to the resources or minerals it produces. For example, there’s a clear difference between the way a gold extraction facility and iron ore mine function. As such, each operation requires a unique set of measurement solutions.

SRO Technology specialises in designing, configuring, installing and maintaining a wide variety of mining instrumentation solutions, from belt scales to density gauges. Our personnel understand industry- and process-specific needs, and are therefore capable of delivering custom, effective mining solutions.


Experts in mining instrumentation 

Any mining process by which material is transported, mixed, shipped or produced will directly benefit from accurate and reliable measurements. In addition, failure to eliminate unwanted residue from the final products can create quality issues and even damage equipment.

Although the instruments a mining facility requires depends on various factors, we’ve identified the following devices as mission-critical:

  • Belt scales measure the weight of material passing through stacking and reclaiming conveyors, train and truck loads, blending and mixing applications, primary and secondary crushers and other assets. Ultimately, they allow managers to deduce how much product and waste their facilities deliver on a daily and hourly basis.
  • Tramp metal detectors are placed before heavy machinery such as jaw or cone crushers. Located on conveyor belts, they detect unwanted metal to ensure miscellaneous items neither compromise product quality nor damage expensive equipment.
  • Belt demagnetisers complement tramp metal detection systems by eliminating non-uniform magnetic fields from conveyor belts. This prevents tramp metal detectors from accidentally tripping.
  • Density gauges and pipe coils measure the density or ferromagnetic content of slurry contained within pipes. These instruments are often placed on mining dredgers as well as plant floatation and thickening cells in gold, copper and iron ore magnetite concentrators.
  • Bin level measurement solutions also determine the amount of product within load cells, vats and other holding assets where materials are either stored or processed. Depending on the mine, operations may call for gravemetric, laser, radar or ultrasonic instruments.

While these five systems are the staples of the mining industry, SRO Technology will recommend other instruments based on the needs of your facility.


SRO Technology’s approach

The advantages of working with SRO Technology starts with our attention to detail. All too often, instrumentation solutions are improperly installed or configured, offsetting the efficiencies a mine could gain from accurate readings.

Before recommending a set of specific solutions, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your operations to factor in how instruments impact your business. Then, we’ll identify any defective or inaccurate devices.

Based on our findings, we’ll outline a plan that details which sort of instruments your mining operations need. Our goal is to establish a more cost-effective, competitive facility, so it’s imperative that we make recommendations applicable to your company.


Why SRO Technology?

With service locations throughout Australia, SRO Technology can accommodate mines across the country. No matter what the instrument or where you’re operating, our field technicians will visit your site promptly.

Whether you want repairs, service, commissioning or installation, SRO is there to assist you. If you’d like to learn more about how we can make your mining instruments strategic parts of your operation, call our New South Wales office at +61 2 9525 3077, our Queensland office at +61 7 3395 6136, our Western Australia office at +61 8 9441 3201 or send an email to