Repair & Retrofitting

If industrial equipment, measuring instruments and other assets had indefinite lifetimes, companies would save an incredible amount of money every year. However, the reality is that at least one out of the thousands of components that make an operation work is bound to break. When measurement devices malfunction or fail, SRO Technology’s repair and retrofitting specialists are there to solve the problem.

Repair versus replacement

Repairing measurement systems is often a quicker and more economical solution than new replacements. Lost production is difficult to claw back and replacing instruments after they break exacerbates the impact of unscheduled downtime. The longer a mine, factory or other facility has to delay operations, the less materials it can process and deliver to the market. Even something as seemingly minute as a bin level indicator can hinder revenue generation.

That’s why SRO Technology does not recommend replacing measurement instruments unless our experts deem it absolutely necessary. As a company, a part of our mission is to deliver cost-effective solutions that increase the value of your operations.

How SRO Technology delivers repair and retrofitting services

SRO has the facilities and the factory-trained technicians capable of repairing numerous instruments, including, but not limited to:

  • Continuous level and static weight indicators
  • Integrators and controllers from SRO, Tontrac and Ramsey
  • Density detectors manufactured by TN Technologies, Texas Nuclear Amdel and Thermo Gamma-Metrics
  • Beltweigher frames and speed sensors
  • Density gauges produced by Kay-Ray and Rosemount

SRO Technology’s instrumentation technicians will listen to the problems you’re experiencing. After writing up a preliminary assessment of the issue, our experts will visit you on site to address the problem first hand.

Upon arriving at your facility, SRO Technology determines whether your faulty instruments can be repaired on site. If that’s the case, we’ll repair them right then and there. However, if we determine the equipment is incapable of being repaired on site, we’ll take them to one of our workshops where our technicians will repair or refurbish them in a timely manner.

In the event we deem an asset beyond repair, we’ll advise you as to the next logical steps. Typically, this involves consulting our replacement personnel, who will design and commission instruments specifically geared to your processes.

Why sro technology

The key benefit to working with SRO Technology is our ability to respond to service requests within a timely manner. Being one of Australia’s most experienced measurement instrument companies, we understand the repercussions of equipment failures.

SRO Technology can repair measurement equipment across many industries. We deliver our services to mines and quarries, power stations, wood mills, rubber plants, recycling facilities, food processing plants and any other industrial operations that require instrumentation repair, refurbishment or retrofitting.

Just a few of the solutions SRO Technology repairs and retrofits include:

  • Conveyor Belt scales, Weightometers, belt weighers and Dynamic belt weighing
  • Weigh feeders
  • Tramp metal detection
  • Fluid density measurement (density gauges)
  • Continuous level measurement (bin levels)
  • Pressure and flow meters
  • Moisture analysis

With nationwide service centres, our ability to respond to repair and retrofitting requests is unmatched. No matter what kind of industrial operation you’re running or your location, our personnel will be there to assist you.

Want to learn more about our design and commissioning services? Call our New South Wales office at (61) 2 9525 3077, our Queensland office at (61) 7 3395 6136 or send an email to