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See the three steps needed for more accurate weighing equipment during production.

In an industrial setting, the accuracy of weighing equipment is key to ensuring your production is on task. This has a raft of benefits, from lowering the cost of wasted input materials to reducing the chances of processing flaws that can lead to recalls. Because of this, looking for ways to improve industrial weightometer and feeder accuracy is key.

Partnering with SRO Technology, we can offer comprehensive solutions for ensuring accurate equipment. From helping you with the cost of securing the devices you need to assisting with maintenance, calibration and repairs, maintaining accurate weighing equipment can be done in three easy steps.

A chief concern facing industrial operators is the sky-high start up costs of purchasing equipment.

1. Forget the cost: Use equipment financing

At the forefront of the unique challenges facing industrial operators is the sky-high start up costs of buying equipment. Purchasing weightometers and weigh feeders will ultimately pay themselves back tenfold but their initial cost can still be potentially daunting.

Don't let the price tag put you off getting things off to an accurate start. SRO Technology offers a number of equipment financing structures, allowing companies of all sizes to acquire the instruments they need. With our consultation, we can devise a payment plan that suits the nature of your business and your financial situation:

  • Finance leases enable customers to rent equipment for an agreed period of time.
  • Commercial hire purchase agreements allow installment payments on assets until the debt is fully repaid.
  • Operating leases require customers to pay a monthly fee in exchange for weighing instruments. This can be structured with a direct link to business output.
Most industrial equipment comes with a hefty initial price tag.Most industrial equipment comes with a hefty initial price tag.

2. Maintenance and calibration testing for accuracy

If you're not checking the accuracy of your equipment frequently, it can lead to mistakes. When you are processing thousands of items an hour, this can cost you dearly.

How you maintain accurate industrial weightometers and feeders depends on how much you buy into the concept of periodic maintenance and calibration services. If you simply wait to discover a production issue before you address it, this can lead to unnecessary downtime. Predictive maintenance involves professionals periodically checking your weighing equipment for signs of inaccuracy.

For example, if the belt speed sensor on your weigh feeder becomes inaccurate, it can fail to measure changes in belt speed. Even the most minute difference can affect the precision of your process and cause a chain reaction down the production line – which you wouldn't be aware of because your equipment isn't properly maintained. 

Similarly, checkweighers use highly accurate in-motion scales that automate product weighing to determine if it is within specified limits. SRO Technology's systems offer accuracy to within 50 mg at 3 sigma, and can process up to 700 products per minute. However, if this scale becomes inaccurate, your data will be skewed and production will be held up later on with issues.

Regular maintenance can help your weighing equipment stay more accurate.Regular maintenance can help your weighing equipment stay more accurate.

3. Repair, don't despair

Sometimes breakdown is unavoidable – in the course of your production, weightometers, feeders and belt scales will become damaged by wear and tear. You may consider a replacement. Surely it's better to just start again with new equipment, right?

This isn't always the case. The downtime you experience while you wait for a new piece of equipment – assuming it is replaceable – can be very costly for your business, so it is often better to consider repair and retrofit services. By simply replacing old parts of your weighing equipment, you can give your feeders and belt scales a new lease of life.

SRO Technology excels in local service and repairs for weighing equipment. Our team has years of experience in this field, so can spot an issue from miles off and get your equipment back to you as soon as possible.

With these three steps, you can guarantee the maximum life span for your weighing equipment, from weightometers to feeders, and ensure continued accuracy in your production process. For more information on the equipment options or services we provide, contact the team today by clicking below.