Site Audit & Planning

Mines, factories and other industrial facilities depend on various measurement instruments to monitor and protect the integrity of their operations. When weigh feeders, fluid density sensors and other devices are calibrated incorrectly or not performing properly, major equipment failures, production delays and other issues may arise. SRO Technology’s site auditing services consist of thorough, comprehensive assessments of your processes, enabling us to identify instruments that are not working correctly. These initiatives enable us to make educated recommendations as to which devices are not functioning correctly, those that require calibration or require more drastic actions such as repair or even replacement. 

Why auditing is necessary

Based on our experience, we’ve discovered that at least 10 per cent of sensors and measurement instruments are either not calibrated properly or are functioning incorrectly. Such faults, no matter how minor, can negatively impact an industrial operation’s bottom line through unscheduled maintenance or penalties for delivering the wrong quality of bulk materials.

For example, if an operation’s tramp metal detection solution is suffering from unnoticed deficiencies, it could lead to grievous consequences:

  • Empty drums, excavator teeth and other large pieces of metal could damage jaw crushers in quarries.
  • Nuts, washers and even bullets may compromise the integrity of wood and pulp products.
  • Small metal fibres might contaminate final food products, resulting in consumer health and safety problems.

These factors considered, not every facility applies tramp metal detection systems, level measurement solutions or belt scales in the same manner. Each of these assets serves a different purpose, and our field services experts must define those intended uses in order to gauge performance.

How SRO Technology executes audits

Before examining specific equipment, our specialists take a holistic view of facility operations. This surface-level perspective enlightens us to the severity of possible issues. For example, if a plant is experiencing inconsistent product quality and throughput issues, it’s evident poor calibration and instrumentation defaults exist.

This process necessitates collaboration between our experts and customers, the latter whom know their operations best. Our team of product technicians, conveyor contractors, process engineers, IT specialists and instrument developers listen to customer reports, identifying the underlying problems that are preventing plants from operating optimally.

When conducting a site audit, we not only verify a measurement instrument’s integrity, but also whether the plant is utilising the asset properly. Sometimes, plants may apply devices that are not specifically configured to support particular processes. Imagine if a tramp metal detection system designed for mining operations was installed at a food processing plant. Although such a discrepancy is rare, it’s an example of the kind of disparities we encounter.

The ultimate goal is to ensure a measurement instrument:

  • Is specifically designed for an application
  • Delivers an appropriate level of accuracy
  • Produces reliable, consistent results

Recommending and applying solutions

After specifying and classifying the issues prevalent in your operations, we’ll develop a structured plan to addressing them systematically. Depending on tasks cited within resolution plan, you can rely on our field service engineers and technicians to deliver the following services:

  • Is specifically designed for an application
  • Delivers an appropriate level of accuracy
  • Produces reliable, consistent results
  • Instrumentation design, installation and commissioning
  • Equipment repair and refurbishment
  • Routine maintenance, servicing, calibration and process instrumentation surveillance
  • Technical product training
  • Breakdown resolution as well as troubleshooting

Why SRO Technology?

We deliver the aforementioned services for any non-OEM equipment. SRO Technology’s site audit experts possess certifications for a range of third-party instruments, including:

  • Ramsey
  • CST
  • Schenck
  • Webtech
  • Techweigh
  • Gamma-Metrics
  • Siemens
  • Vega Mintrac Equipment.

Between delivering advice on process measurement instrumentation control to instructing customers on how to correct balance issues, SRO Technology’s experts ensure site audits conclude with tangible improvements in their wake.

With offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, our experts can reach any plant throughout Australia. Whether you oversee a gold mine in northern Western Australia or a pulp manufacturing facility in New South Wales, our technicians offer quick, thorough diagnoses to operations across the country.

If you’re wondering how SRO Technology’s site audit experts can improve your processes, give us a call at +61 2 9525 3077 or send an email to