Industrial density measurement plays a central part in a number of wider industrial production systems. Measuring the viscosity of liquids and slurries is central to:

  • Controlling materials entering a production process.
  • Assessing waste effluence factors.
  • Ensuring safety and quality control in operational input and output.

How does density measurement work?

There are several types of density measurement system. Different instruments are best suited to assessing different types of materials.

Nucleonic density gauges are ideal for contactless and accurate measurement of industrial slurries or other liquids. This solution works by distributing radioactive energy (contained inside a small fuel core) through a test tank. The energy passes through the liquid and is then picked up by a receiver. This device registers returning data and calculates material density by subtracting the amount of energy blocked by the liquid from the initial energy burst.

Density measurement solutionsDensity gauges are commonly used in coal processing plants. 

Industrial operators use density gauges in a variety of applications – in fact, they are standard in many production and processing systems across Australia. Here are density gauges most common uses:

  • Dredging – when used alongside a flow meter, density gauges deliver precise data on the dredging equipment's production rate over time.
  • Processing plants – measurement gauges track underflow and overflow density to determine the conditions inside separation, concentration and float tanks.
  • Coal preparation – during coal washing, operators can analyse the volume of impurities removed from coal by measuring the slurry density of waste materials.

With these many applications, what are the positives of using a density gauge?

Safety and efficiency: The dual benefits of density measurement solutions

At the heart of the many uses for density gauges is how the instruments improve operator safety and efficient data collection.

Improved operator safety

Nucleonic gauges are contactless, which reduces the risk of damage to the equipment or of user injury. Density measurement in industrial operations can be dangerous, especially when dealing with superheated or toxic waste materials from cleaning or processing systems. SRO Technology's measurement solutions allow operators to perform the data readings needed to better operate machinery.

Efficient data collection

Precise density measurement is central to more applications in your wider industrial processes than you might think. Consider, as an example, a coal cleaning operation. The data collected here is input into control system programs. If these readings are inaccurate you can compromise your wider production system. Density gauges give operators the most efficient and time-effective method for recording slurry viscosity and seamlessly applying this data set to other industrial processes.

Density measurement solutionsSRO Technology offers a broad range of density gauge solutions.

SRO Technology's density gauges

Choosing the right density measurement solution and integrating it into your existing production system is a task best left to specialists in the weigh and measurement sector.

SRO Technology offers a range of advanced ThermoScientific nucleonic density measurement instruments – a leading name in the industrial sector for the last 25 years. But equally as important are our trained personnel's technical skills. Our team can advise you on optimal device placement and controller system integration, ensuring the equipment you invest in is tailored to your industrial operations.

We also offer a range of other services to help you get the best out of your gauges:

  • Production system audits – after a comprehensive analysis of your system, we can create a detailed strategy for how to integrate your new gauge.
  • Swab or wipe testing – ensuring the safety of your nucleonic density measurement instruments is our primary goal. Our safety technicians can test your gauges onsite to assess if there is any minute wear-and-tear damage.
  • Supply and disposal services you don't even need to leave your business site to obtain or destroy density measurement solutions. SRO Technology can come to your site and handle supply and disposal, leaving you free to focus on operations.

In other exciting news, Thermo Scientific has also recently upgraded their AM870 density gauge controller, so if you have an old unit you may want to take advantage of the new upgrade price, available for a limited time only.

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