Checkweighing is an essential process in manufacturing. Situated at the end of the line, a checkweighing machine will measure every item coming out of the production process to ensure that its weight adheres to the specified limits. After all, if your branded product is inconsistent your customers will be dissatisfied and this will hurt your reputation. Recalls are costly, and so are fines for false advertising, so it's in your best interest to make sure your checkweighing machine is doing what it needs to.

Ensuring accuracy in production quantity (and quality)

A checkweigher ensures everything that comes off the production line meets the unique weight requirements for that product. This helps to eliminate the possibility of undersupply, which can be hugely problematic if you are providing less product than what your customers are paying for. Subsequently, you are preventing loss of income from the fallout of undersupply, while also preventing loss of materials in the event of oversupply. Since a checkweighing machine checks 100 per cent of your product, it also reduces the risk of oddities slipping through the cracks and saves you the time of having to sample random items.

Data in spreadsheetA checkweigher reports data in real time, meaning you're spared the arduous task of manual checks.

Providing correct data

A checkweighing machine can ensure transparency in your operations. These machines can record all instances of noncompliance and report this data back to you. This helps you to gain an accurate, real-time picture of production efficiency and may help you identify areas that could be improved or systems that aren't functioning correctly. Having a handle on the nature of these issues makes it far easier to manage production and ensure efficiency. 

Assuring regulatory compliance

Everything you'll produce needs to meet the guidelines that determine its safety and value to the consumer. The Australian Consumer Law determines fair trade and protects those buying the final product off the shelves – by failing to meet these standards you'll be attracting unwanted attention from Consumer Affairs. Checkweighing makes this much easier to avoid, as every single item is checked for accuracy. Think of your checkweighing equipment as your robotic quality assurance professional, a watch-dog that's on your side and has your best interests in mind.

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