Heavy industrial

Industrial facilities are quite complex, relying on a balanced combination of human capital and physical assets. Between concrete manufacturing plants and power stations, those overseeing such intricate operations must have the measurement systems necessary to ensure they’re progressing appropriately.

SRO Technology has the knowledge and experience to install, calibrate, repair and service industrial measurement solutions.

Our experts approach projects with the attitude that instruments can either make or break operations. The accuracy of a plant’s measuring systems will ultimately dictate its ability to run at an optimal level.


Servicing a range of industries

Any process in which material is transported, mixed or shipped will directly benefit from dependable, precise measurements. This also applies to facilities that produce waste, because being able to measure such contents enables them to adjust processes to decrease rubbish.

Specifically, SRO Technology’s technicians have serviced instruments at the following facilities:

  • Power plants need to exercise precise control over the amount of coal fed into feeders and pulverizers. Doing so ensures that facilities are generating the appropriate amount of energy.
  • Recycling stations and waste sorting facilities weigh materials to monitor plant throughput, comply with government regulations and document activities. Belt scales are particularly important to maintain in these facilities due to the wide variety of materials processed: concrete, asphalt, steel, paper and plastic.
  • Concrete, brick and plasterboard manufacturing buildings use many raw materials to create final products. For example, concrete factories mix sand, gravel, cement, fly ash, stone and water to meet customer specifications. Such facilities employ belt scales, weigh belt feeders, flow meters and density gauges to manage this process.
  • Steel production centres depend on accurate measurements of raw materials such as iron ore, lime and coking coal to support the sintering process. Belt scales and weigh feeders are typically the staples of steel manufacturing. In addition, these facilities inadvertently create slag, a waste product that is often sold as a component ingredient in cement production.


The instruments industrial plants depend on

Our understanding of process-specific needs has enabled SRO Technology to provide clients the correct measurement solutions. For example, the recommended configuration settings for belt scales at recycling plants differs considerably from those at steel production plants.

Listed below are just a few out of many devices we can optimise for companies participating in the industrial sector:

  • Belt scales measure the weight of the material passing along conveyor belts, and allow facility managers to gather data applicable to production rates.
  • Level measurement instruments calculate the volume of product within silos, vats and other large holding assets. They either use laser, radar, ultrasonic or gravemetric technology to gather readings.
  • Weigh feeders ensure that hoppers distribute the appropriate amount of material into processing equipment. While some feeders are better suited to hoppers, others are purpose-built for augers.
  • Density gauges measure the exact density of a slurry or fluid in real time. Often used in dredging, processing and coal handling plants, they use ultrasonic and gamma technologies to generate readings.


Why SRO Technology?

SRO Technology offers a comprehensive range of measurement solutions and services to the industrial building industry. Calibrating, installing, repairing and commissioning instruments is our specialty. Ultimately, our objective is to approach your measuring systems as strategic assets that can optimise the competitiveness of your facility.

Our reputation has helped us build a large installed base of equipment across production facilities across the Asia Pacific region, including Australia and New Zealand. If you want to learn how we can assist you, call our NSW office at +61 2 9525 3077, our Queensland office at +61 7 3395 6136, our Western Australia office at +61 8 9441 3201 or send an email to sales@srotechnology.com.