Searching for contamination is essential to the creation and delivery of safe edible products to the public. However, detecting physical intrusions in the form of these items below is similar to finding a needle in a haystack.

To accomplish responsible food production, the food and beverage industry needs accurate equipment they can trust. SRO Technology is an Australian leader in accurate and reliable food safety equipment. With a quality range of metal detectors, check weighing and x-ray detection systems to choose from, food processors can be assured their production line is free of physical contaminants.

SRO Technology specialises in designing, configuring, installing and maintaining a wide variety of instrumentation solutions, from x-ray inspection to metal detection. Our personnel understand industry- and process-specific needs, and are therefore capable of delivering custom, effective food and beverage solutions.

Choosing the right inspection equipment

As a food processor, it is essential to have reliable and accurate dynamic detection systems that can ensure your production line is free of contamination. SRO Technology identifies the ideal product inspection solution for you to ensure your food production processes are as safe as possible. There are three main areas of inspection:

Mitigating risks

Globalisation and advances in technology have created a truly international supply chain. Food processors are no longer simply dealing with domestic standards but also complex and often contradictory international requirements.

A lack of quality food safety equipment, such as x-ray detection systems, can jeopardise the products and the integrity of a food processor’s reputation. Yet, responsible food production can be achieved through innovative and advanced technological food safety instruments.

As a manufacturer or supplier monitoring, detecting and maintaining a hygienic and responsible food production supply chain can safeguard the quality of your products. Food contaminants of any kind can lead to serious consequences for companies due to product liability legislation.

Dynamic detection systems are essential for reducing the risks companies shoulder and mitigating the potential negative consequences.