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Ensuring the security and integrity of bulk and packaged food products can reduce the costs associated with lengthy product recalls, protest brand integrity and safeguard consumers from dangerous contaminants and low-quality products.

To accomplish this, food processors need to invest in product inspection solutions that can dynamically detect contaminations in food products. Through SRO Technology’s metal detection systems, companies can comply with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) requirements as well as any other standards that govern the import and export of food products.

Inspection solutions for food processing problems

Despite management and quality best practices, metallic contaminations can occur during the production process of any foodstuff. Whether they enter the product during processing and packaging or are present within the raw material from the offset, failing to implement a proper metal detection system can lead to a serious failure in food safety and any subsequent investigations into safety standards.

SRO Technology’s metal detection system combines unmatched performance, a simple interface and reliability. Our product line is comprised of a range of metal detectors that deliver the highest level of sensitivity, while keeping inaccurate rejections to a minute.

The metal detection systems available to food processors can be implemented across a range of applications due to their highly customisable design. SRO Technology offers options for extreme wash down, conveyor systems, vertical fall, pipeline and many other applications.

Additionally, there are a range of standard head styles available that increase the system’s level of flexibility. While for more unique applications, SRO Technology can offer a range of advice and develop custom apertures as well as detection systems.

How does metal detection systems work?

SRO Technology’s metal detection systems can be used to protect against both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are highly flexible and can be installed at a range of points throughout the production process. An early inspection of raw material is advantageous as it can ensure metal particles are removed before they are broken into smaller pieces that can be hard to identify later in the manufacturing process.

Optimal product protection can be implemented through metal detector systems. By placing them close to critical control points, raw materials as well as final products can be assessed for food contamination.

Whether you are searching for solutions to machinery protection or an inspection of raw material in an effort to safeguard consumers, metal detectors can offer viable solutions for responsible food production.

Why partner with SRO Technology

With a quality metal detection system, companies can ensure that their inspection system is on point and ensuring the quality of the end product. As your brand name is printed on the outside of your product, it is essential you do not have any unforeseen surprises.

This is where SRO Technology comes into its own. Through its expertise and long-term experience delivering product inspection solutions to a range of industries, SRO Technology can help drive up throughput and increase the overall profitability of your operations.

SRO Technology is trusted throughout Australia to deliver impeccable, tailor-made services to improve the quality and safety of your packaged and unpackaged goods. If you are looking to learn more about metal detection, make sure you talk to one of our specialists today.

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