So many industrial and mining systems employ solid flow processes during operations that it can seem like an inconsequential background procedure. However the regular flow of solid materials in and out of a system is essential to accurate production. That's why impact weighers are such critical equipment in these industries – they provide a level of reliable data precision that other weigh and measurement solutions simply can't.When do you need an impact weigher?Solid flow impact metres can be integrated into any industrial or mining system that requires elements like powders to be added during production, or debris removed. Impact weighers can be used as a quality control scale for materials exiting one point of the processing system. They can also be used as a bulk solids flow metre along a conveyor system, offering continuous weigh ability and ongoing data reliability checks.Impact weighers are a cost effective means of tracking flow weight as they are specifically designed to suit measuring fast-moving solids. This gives operators an accurate insight into the state of production that would otherwise be left to assumption.Why is accurate dry material flow measurement critical?A number of different issues can affect the data accuracy and flow of dry solids through a production system.Debris sticking to the weigh plate can compromise the reliability of flow readings.Equipment wear-and-tear can allow small masses to flow through without being read, or contribute to an imprecise spread of data readings.Electronic interference or vibrations can disrupt data readings and lead to inaccurate flow measurements.

Impact weighers are important in tracking the mass of dry solids in a production system.
Compromised weigh data can have a significant effect on the rest of the production system as a whole, despite the seemingly minor role of flow metres in the bigger picture. Data outside of a set range, for example, can cause operators to slow the flow of dry solids into a production system when it isn't needed, which lowers productivity. Ongoing data unreliability, caused by too many vibrations from other devices nearby, can mislead operators into purchasing a new impact weigher when one is not needed.With so many factors that can affect flow data and a lot riding on accurate measurements, using industry leading impact weighers is vital, no matter the application.SRO Technology's impact weighersSRO Technology is a major name in the weigh and measurement industry, and has been for decades. Our flow metre solutions for industrial and resources sector businesses are the Thermo Scientific RamseyTMDE10 and DE20 impact weighers. The devices are  restrict the impact plate's movements to purely horizontal, meaning external forces can't skew impact data. This guarantees that inaccuracies down the track caused by material build-up or sensing plate damage will not affect the weigher system.For more information on how SRO Technology can help you perfect solid flow measurement in your system, contact the specialist weigh solutions team today by clicking below.