Nowadays, data is a form of currency. However, accumulating as much information as possible doesn’t equate to building wealth. In the digital age, prosperity is gained through analysing data and making educated decisions in light of those findings.

Between industrial measuring instruments and financial statistics, extractives operations have a lot of information to peruse. General Electric (GE) and Komatsu are collaborating to develop an infrastructure for data analysis.

Bringing clarity to the Internet of Things 

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the concept of miscellaneous smart devices communicating with one another over private or public networks. Digital belt scales, bin level indicators and other mining assets fall under this technological umbrella.

Komatsu and GE have dedicated their efforts to make the IoT a regular part of today’s mining operations. While Komatsu’s KOMTRAX service delivers equipment performance and location data to users, GE has deployed smart devices to monitor aircraft engines and gas turbines. It only makes sense that the two parties join forces.

Specifically, GE and Komatsu are working to deliver data analysis services to Australia’s extractives industry.

“Australia was the first market in the world to commercialise Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System for driverless trucks,” said Komatsu Australia Managing Director Sean Taylor.

“Now, we want to start offering data analysis services to mining and resources companies in the near future, including iron ore and coal mines in Australia and New Zealand, as well as other mining regions.”

More responsive, efficient operations 

Mining Technology’s Heidi Vella spoke with Gagan Sood, global manager of GE Mining, about how GE’s remote monitoring and diagnosis technology will merge with Komatsu’s machines.

“The RM&D technology that we are utilising will help boost the efficiency of the mine by improving truck availability or reducing truck downtime,” said Sood, as quoted by Vella.

When vehicle information is combined with data from bin level indicators and other such instruments, mines will establish more fluid, intelligent operations.