For those involved in industrial businesses, ensuring operations run smoothly can be a difficult task. A number of factors are liable to impact the quality of a product, which in turn can tarnish the reputation of a business and eventually lead to financial setbacks.

One of the key areas of quality control for those in the industrial sector is liquid or slurry density. Natural variations in raw feedstock materials can alter the composition of the product, which in turn can lead to production or quality issues.

The answer? A density gauge that's been designed with the specific requirements of businesses in this demanding sector. These tools are simple in function: they deliver the exact density of liquids or slurry in real time. What's more, they don't come into contact with the product.

The right tool for the job

There are two available density gauge solutions, each of which has a different set of functions. When working with SRO Technology, expert technicians will carry out a comprehensive analysis to identify the best possible solution. Then, an accurate recommendation can be made based on the needs of the business.

Nuclear (Gamma) gauges

This type of gauge distributes radioactive energy throughout the tanks or holding assets. It's able to calculate density by accurately registering the quantity of energy received after it's moved through the space.

Ultrasonic gauges

Ultrasonic gauges, on the other hand, send ultrasonic waves and then measure amplitude variations in order to determine the density. It's true they don't have the accuracy of the nuclear (gamma) gauge solutions, but they're still a useful offering when such a level of accuracy isn't actually required.

The SRO Technology approach

Working with the right provider is always going to the best way for a business to source the right solution. So where should those in the industrial sector get started? The answer lies with SRO Technology.

Before even recommending a density gauge, SRO Technology will undertake a detailed analysis of the business operations, as a way of identifying the best possible solution. This is necessary, as a mining business will have different needs to one in the natural gas sector. SRO Technology specialists are able to work with businesses to make sure the right solution is put in place.

Reach out to SRO Technology today to learn more about the necessity of reliable, purpose-built density gauges.