Pipe Coils

Magnetic materials are common in the industrial sector, particularly in mining operations. Iron, nickel, cobalt and their associated alloys can possess magnetic properties that compromise final product quality.

Many businesses use coils to detect ferromagnetic content in solids or slurries. The purpose of these assets is to optimise process control systems. SRO Technology specialises in supplying, installing, calibrating and repairing pipe coils for facilities that need to detect ferromagnetic materials.


How do coils work?

Also known as pipe coils, loop coils and belt coils, these instruments use alternating current (AC) to register ferromagnetic content. They’re usually placed over or around pipes, conveyor belts or other assets that distribute products throughout processing plants.

Generally, there are two coil configurations in the industrial sector professionals may choose from:

Encircling coils are the preferred options for in-line inspection of certain products, which are conveyed through the loops.Surface probes are typically positioned so that the pipe coil’s axis is at a normal distance from the material’s surface. Sometimes, they possess a ‘pancake’ shape that allows them to cover a greater surface area.

Depending on the facility, different types of coils may be more applicable. For example, one type of belt coil may be preferable, depending on the type of flaws or ferromagnetic properties it’s trying to detect.


Because no single operation is the same as another, SRO Technology will visit your site to determine which type of measurement coil is best suited for your facility. Whether you’re working with slurries or solids, we’ll select the optimal solution.

We manufacture a range of robust, reliable, cost-effective coils for process and control purposes. All of our coils are purpose-built for specific applications. We’ll handle the installation and calibration, as well as any servicing the instrument may require in the future.

Thanks to our nationwide locations, SRO Technology is known for our quick response times.

Our customisation services enable us to install solutions for any type of conveyor system. We won’t work against your established processes for the sake of making room for our implementations.