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Ramsey Flex Belt Scale Integration Solution

Catalog Number: c4d856156b2c

The Ramsey Flex Belt Scale Integration Solution drives weighing systems that you can depend on. Using this product, your system will work reliably for decades, weighing materials with accuracy every day.


Seamlessly integrating with bulk weighing and monitoring belt scale equipment, the Ramsey Flex Integrator delivers value with features such as remote diagnostics, future-proof connectivity, and the ability to connect many systems through a single integrator device.


Ramsey Flex Integrator Panel mount with touchscreen HMI

Panel mount with touchscreen HMI for centralised operation from a control room.

Ramsey Flex Integrator Field mount with touchscreen HMI

The field mount with touchscreen HMI enables at-line interaction.

Ramsey Flex Integrator Blind without HMI

The blind without HMI integrator allows a cost-effective set up for remote access or harsh environments.

Ramsey Flex Single Digitizer

The Single Channel option with connections for a speed sensor and one load cell/load cell pair.

Ramsey Flex Quad Digitizer

The Quad Channel alternative accommodates up to four load cells/load cell pairs.

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