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Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale Systems

Catalog Number: 14521

The Ramsey Series 14 Belt Scale System is specifically designed for high accuracy or basis-of-payment applications requiring certification by government and regulatory agencies. The Ramsey Series 10-14 Belt Scale System includes carriage/weighbridge, electronics and speed sensor.


Ramsey Flex Integrator Field mount with touchscreen HMI

The Ramsey Flex Scale Integrator provides the intelligence to the weighing system, allowing accurate production monitoring, inventory tracking and controlled product load-out.

This is the field mount integrator option with touchscreen HMI for at-line interaction. 


  • Blind without HMI for a cost-efficient set-up for remote access or harsh environments.

Ramsey Flex Integrator Panel mount with touchscreen HMI

The panel mount alternative with touchscreen HMI for centralised operation from a control room.

Ramsey Flex Integrator Blind without HMI

The blind without HMI integrator alternative allows a cost-effective set up for remote access or harsh environments.

Ramsey Flex Quad Digitizer

Ramsey Flex Scale Digitizers take the output signal from the weighbridge load cells and speed sensor to the electronic integrator, providing a more robust and reliable signal than standard junction boxes.

The Digitizer option is a Quad Digitizer for four load cell/ multiple load cell input.

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