Every industrial processing system requires some aspect of weight or measurement analysis in order to fulfill its purpose – no matter its function or the sector it's used in. From tracking the weight of goods entering or leaving the line to measuring conveyor belt speed, without insight into these processes, operators would struggle to calibrate equipment for optimal efficiency.

Weigh data is particularly vital to improving the accuracy of industrial operations, especially when producing materials for the construction sector such as cement, drywall and plasterboard. These materials need to be manufactured with the precise amounts of composite materials added during production. Even slight inaccuracy can compromise product integrity, which you don't want to end up in the hands of customers. 

There are three vital weigh instruments needed for a complete industrial operation:

  1. Impact weighers.
  2. Checkweighers.
  3. Weigh belt feeders.

In this guide, we breakdown what each solution offers operators and why they are vital.

1. Impact weighers

Impact weighers offer a highly valuable and cost-effective means of tracking the mass flow of dry solids such as debris and powders. The flexibility of these solutions means they can be integrated into an industrial processing system in one of two ways. The first is in use as a scale for end product distribution – this measures the weight of material at the end of one point in the processing system, such as a bucket elevator, before it enters the next. Alternatively, an impact weigher can be used as a flow metre along a conveyor system, offering continuous weigh ability.

This solution is vital to analysing operational data along the processing line, allowing technicians to identify and rectify issues before they manifest as larger problems later. Prevention is better than cure, making impact weighers the ultimate quality assurance measure. These instruments are also cost-effective due to their lack of moving parts and the fact that they aren't susceptible to dust damage.

ISRO Technology's impact weighers offer vital insight into weigh data along your processing line. SRO Technology's impact weighers offer vital insight into data along your processing line. 

2. Checkweighers

Checkweighing is a vital tool for any industrial operator. Used as a final checkpoint to ensure all production parameters are met, checkweighers classify and segregate goods by weight. These solutions can operate at high speeds – up to 700 products per minute – and record weight data to a high degree of sensitivity, with accuracy up to 50mg at 3 sigma. This makes checkweighers a reliable asset in a variety of industry applications, particualrly when producing building materials. 

The checkweighing process assures that your industrial processing system has worked accurately to deliver a high-quality good that meets the standards for Australian-produced construction materials.

Segregating and performing quality assurance on consumables based on weight is easy with checkweighing. Segregating and performing quality assurance on consumables based on weight is easy with checkweighing

3. Weigh belt feeders

Bulk handling is a precision-oriented processes. For example, plasterboard producers need to know exactly how much gypsum, vermiculite, fly ash and BMA is being added during production to ensure a safe and compliant end product.

Weight belt feeders usually come in two off-the-shelf forms. Volumetric systems allow a certain volume of material to pass onto a belt scale within a specific timeframe. Gravimetric weigh belt feeders, meanwhile, calculate the weight of products passing from hoppers. The first weigh belt feeder is ideal for measuring when a product's density is consistent, as in plasterboard production, while the second system suits detecting changes in product mass.

SRO Technology offers custom-designed weigh belt feeders to suit any needs – we recognise that no two industrial processes are alike, so we only offer tailored systems to our industrial customers. 

Weigh Belt Feeder Weigh Belt Feeders are essential for controlling the input of production materials. 

Supporting a complete industrial operation

As well as offering industry-leading weigh instruments, SRO Technology offers the support services necessary to using these solutions accurately:

  • Maintenance and calibration services offer guidance on optimising each individual component of your industrial system to deliver improved process efficiency.
  • Repair and retrofitting means we can restore older equipment to an efficient best.
  • We also provide equipment financing options, ensuring you get the industrial weigh instruments you need sooner.

For more information about our range of weigh equipment or the services we offer, contact SRO Technology today by clicking below.