For senior managers in the food processing industry, the most important factor to smooth production is ensuring your equipment is fit for service with regular maintenance and re-calibration.

As dictated by the high number of compliance regulations that control the sector, food production operations need to be sure their equipment is up to standard, to ensure:

  • Workers are not endangered by faulty or outdated machines.
  • Costly production downtime is minimised.
  • Automated equipment produces food to a safe and high standard.

When looking for a provider to maintain and service your equipment, always look close to home – there are many benefits of locally serviced food processing equipment.

Regularly servicing your equipment means you can take more accurate measurement and avoid downtime.Regularly servicing your equipment means you can take more accurate measurement and avoid downtime.

Using preventative maintenance, operators can address 30 per cent of minor equipment servicing tasks before they become issues.

Servicing your food processing equipment

Food processing sub-industries, including equipment manufacturing and maintenance added $400 million to the Australian economy in 2014-2015 according to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Food processing is vital in supporting national food production, and regularly servicing your equipment helps to negate the higher costs and production downtime associated with repairs on the spot.

Food Manufacturing magazine claims that by using preventative maintenance, which relies on advanced sensors and performance management software to monitor equipment health, operators can address 30 per cent of minor tasks before they become equipment issues.

Servicing your food processing equipment is also key to producing more hygienic and regulation-compliant goods. SF Engineering, meanwhile, claims regular servicing can massively reduce the risk of worker injury due to faulty equipment.  

Servicing you equipment is clearly important to improving process efficiency and safety – but why look for local?

Local service means a friendly face that knows your business and equipment.Local service means a friendly face that knows your business and equipment, inside and out.

The benefits of local service

Looking for an organisation that can provide local servicing for food processing equipment in Australia can be challenge when compared with more populated countries like the U.S. or China. It may limit your options, but searching for local service really pays dividends – and luckily there are some very experienced industry names who can offer all the benefits of local maintenance.

It's cost-effective: If you begin a preventative maintenance program, one of your primary goals would have been to decrease production downtime and equipment inactivity. If you partner with a service agent on the other side of the country or overseas, you effectively rule of the benefits of this minimised downtime. Your operations will suffer from expensive transit costs from your production site to the repairs site, and you will lose thousands in production downtime and idle floor staff.

By using local service, you can have your equipment returned to you quicker and with no delivery costs, saving your money and time.

You can develop a trusting partnership: If you broaden your scope to look for equipment servicing providers anywhere, you will find a number of qualified businesses. However, partnering with different providers every time you need equipment serviced means you don't have the opportunity to develop a working relationship with one brand.

In working with a local maintenance provider, you have the chance to develop an ongoing partnership with an organisation that can compile vital information about your business over time. Getting to know you and your equipment is part of the expert service at SRO Technology, and you know by working with an industry-leading provider you will get everything you need. 

A local company that can maintain and service your food production equipment is a vital partner to your operation. Getting the best from your equipment is easier once you contact the SRO Technology team – just click the image below.