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See why site managers need accurate level measurement systems for improved operational efficiency.

Between controlling what enters the manufacturing chain and calculating how much an operation produces, level measurement systems are essential components of a thriving industrial business. With the right measurement tools, site managers can be certain their operations will run without the need for regular time-consuming quality assurance checks or costly recalls on products not up to spec.

It is important you get professional insight into the different kinds of level measurement systems and how they should be used, so let's take a closer look at how you can use a range of level measurement equipment to improve your operations.

What are the benefits of different level measurement systems?

SRO Technology stock a number of different level measurement technologies to help confirm the accuracy of your operations. While there are dozens of measurement systems available, the most commonly used in industrial operations are laser, radar and ultrasonic. 

1. Laser level measurement

This equipment provides accurate measurements of various materials. It works by directing light waves at the solution you want to measure. The light reflected back is recorded, with a reading generated based on the time it took to return to the sensor.

  • What are the advantages and where is it used?

Favoured for contactless functionality, these devices calculate measurements at any angle, and are not affected by issues that could impair accuracy like vapour or foam. Laser level measurement equipment is mostly used in food processing, mining and chemical production.

This equipment uses a concentrated laser beam as a means of measurement for large storage unitsThis equipment uses a concentrated laser beam as a means of measurement for large storage units

2. Ultrasonic level measurement

This level measurement technology emits pulses of sound at a rapid rate (four times a second) to measure weight or depth using the same method as laser equipment. It is important to note that the speed of sound can vary based on the gas mixture, so you need to be aware of what gases are present in your storage tank when you begin measuring.

  • What are the advantages and where is it used?

Ultrasonic measurement is another contactless solution, making it ideal for weighing in dangerous situations. The device is durable and resistant to corrosion. Additionally, reading precision remains unchanged even after alterations in the chemical composition of your storage contents. Ultrasonic measurement is best used with solids that don't emit gas due to the issues with sound and changing gas pressures.

3. Radar level measurement

These devices work in a similar way to laser measurement, but instead use radio waves to measure the time between emission and the wave returning to be read by the sensor.

  • What are the advantages and where is it used?

Generally, radar level measurement is cheaper than laser options. This device is also contactless and there is no setup required if you change liquid. It is often better suited to liquid measurement reading, so works well in industrial processes that require water cooling and operations like sewage or water treatment.

Ultrasonic level measurement is a good tool for measuring liquid depth. Ultrasonic level measurement is a good tool for measuring liquid depth. 

Working out a comprehensive solution with SRO Technology

Understanding why level measurement devices like the above are so important comes down to realising that, regardless of the industry you work in, level measurement is vital to an efficient operation.

Working out the kind of level measurement equipment you need – be it laser, radar or ultrasonic – is easier when you consult with a measuring industry expert. The SRO Technology team are backed by a combined half a century of industry experience, meaning we can sit down and figure out level measurement solutions tailored to your operations.

Our services include a full equipment audit to ensure operational efficiency, and maintenance and calibration of individual tools to check nothing is amiss. We also offer a repair and retrofit option for irreplaceable equipment.

For more information on the level measurement solutions we provide, contact the SRO Technology team today by clicking below.