Mining and quarries are asset-heavy operations, utilising a balanced combination of heavy machinery and measuring solutions to achieve a consistent quality and quantity of product.

Every facility adheres to a set of processes specific to the resources or minerals it produces. SRO Technology specialises in designing, configuring, installing and maintaining a wide variety of mining instrumentation solutions, from belt scales to density gauges. Our personnel understand industry- and process-specific needs and are therefore capable of delivering custom, effective mining solutions.

SRO Technology has the knowledge and experience to install, calibrate, repair and service industrial measurement solutions.

Our experts approach projects with the attitude that instruments can either make or break operations. The accuracy of a plant’s measuring systems will ultimately dictate its ability to run at an optimal level.

Servicing a range of industries

Any process in which material is transported, mixed or shipped will directly benefit from dependable, precise measurements. This also applies to facilities that produce waste, because being able to measure such contents enables them to adjust processes to decrease rubbish.

Specifically, SRO Technology’s technicians have serviced instruments at the following facilities:

  • Mining processes by which material is transported, mixed, shipped or produced will directly benefit from accurate and reliable measurements. In addition, failure to eliminate unwanted residue from the final products can create quality issues and even damage equipment.
  • Quarry Sand and gravel plants use a variety of devices to measure product output on a daily basis. Specific processes may include dredge pumping the sand sludge to the wash and sizing plant where it is measured and loaded to the customer.

The instruments Mining, Quarry and Industrial plants depend on

Our understanding of process-specific needs has enabled SRO Technology to provide clients the correct measurement solutions. For example, the recommended configuration settings for belt scales at recycling plants differs considerably from those at steel production plants.

Listed below are just a few out of many devices we can optimise for companies participating in the industrial sector:

  • Belt scales and weightometers measure the weight of the material passing along conveyor belts, and allow facility managers to gather data applicable to production rates.
  • Level measurement instruments calculate the volume of product within silos, vats and other large holding assets. They either use laser, radar, ultrasonic or gravemetric technology to gather readings.
  • Weigh feeders ensure that hoppers distribute the appropriate amount of material into processing equipment. While some feeders are better suited to hoppers, others are purpose-built for augers.
  • Impact weighers and Flowmeters allow Sand and gravel plants to mix different materials to make products specific to particular constructions. The proper mixing and blending of water, cement, sand and gravel is imperative, which makes flow meters equally essential. Such instruments help plant managers control how much of specific materials are processed.
  • Tramp metal detectors are placed before heavy machinery such as jaw or cone crushers. Located on conveyor belts, they detect unwanted metal to ensure miscellaneous items neither compromise product quality nor damage expensive equipment.
  • Density gauges measure the exact density of a slurry or fluid in real time. Often used in dredging, processing and coal handling plants, they use ultrasonic and gamma technologies to generate readings.
  • Pipe coils also known as loop coils and belt coils, these instruments use alternating current (AC) to register ferromagnetic content. They’re usually placed over or around pipes, conveyor belts or other assets that distribute products throughout processing plants.

SRO Technology’s approach

The advantages of working with SRO Technology starts with our attention to detail. All too often, instrumentation solutions are improperly installed or configured, offsetting the efficiencies a mine could gain from accurate readings.

Before recommending a set of specific solutions, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your operations to factor in how instruments impact your business. Then, we’ll identify any defective or inaccurate devices.

Based on our findings, we’ll outline a plan that details which sort of instruments your mining operations need. Our goal is to establish a more cost-effective, competitive facility, so it’s imperative that we make recommendations applicable to your company.

Why SRO Technology?

With service locations throughout Australia, SRO Technology can accommodate mines across the country. No matter what the instrument or where you’re operating, our field technicians will visit your site promptly.

Whether you want repairs, service, commissioning or installation, SRO is there to assist you. If you’d like to learn more about how we can make your mining instruments strategic parts of your operation, call our New South Wales office at +61 2 9525 3077, our Queensland office at +61 7 3395 6136, our Western Australia office at +61 8 9441 3201 or send an email to