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SRO Technology Brisbane

Instrumentation Brisbane

We provide a comprehensive array of instrumentation services. These include:

Weighbridges Brisbane

We specialises in weighbridge solutions including:

Steel Deck Weighbridges Brisbane

Elevate your weighing solutions with our state-of-the-art Steel Deck Weighbridges – the cornerstone of accurate and reliable vehicle weight measurement. Engineered for excellence, our weighbridges seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology with robust construction, catering to the diverse needs of industries such as logistics, mining, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing.

Concrete Weighbridges Brisbane

Revolutionize your weighing processes with our cutting-edge Concrete Weighbridges, designed to meet the demands of industries where precision and durability are paramount. Engineered for longevity and accuracy, our weighbridges are the ideal solution for applications ranging from logistics and transportation to agriculture and manufacturing.

We are dedicated professionals striving to deliver the best in measurement solutions.


With our team of specialist we will ensure your equipment is calibrated and reading accurately giving you confidence in your site data.


We have many specialist technicians with National Measurement Institute licenses, as well as certified Radiation Safety Officers.


We leverage our 35+ years of industry experience to ensure every new member in our team grows into a highly capable, qualified technician, to provide the quality service our clients expect.


We believe in investing in our people, providing training, support and development throughout their career whilst maintaining a company culture that fosters retention.

SRO Technology Brisbane

SRO Technology are specialists in Conveyor Belt Scales, Nuclear Density Gauging, Weighbridge Solutions, Tramp Metal Detection, Impact Weighers, Metal detectors and X ray for the Food industry.

Does SRO Technology Brisbane offer Weighbridges?

Yes, SRO Technology does offer weighbridges. They provide two main types of weighbridges: Steel Deck Weighbridges and Concrete Weighbridges.

Both weighbridges are designed for accuracy and durability, suitable for various industries like logistics, mining, and agriculture. Key features of the weighbridges include robust construction, precision load cells, customisable sizes, and low maintenance.

What type of Conveyor Belt Scales does SRO Technology Brisbane offer?

SRO Technology Brisbane offers custom conveyor belt scales designed for multiple applications. Their conveyor belt scales, also known as belt scales, belt weighers, and weightometers, provide various benefits and are available in different types for specific needs:

    • Process Weighing: When conveying applications require 1 per cent to 5 per cent accuracy.
    • Precision Weighing: When conveying applications require 0.25 per cent to 1 per cent accuracy.
    • Custom Weighing: When unique non-standard weight measurement instruments are needed for cable or aero belts, stackers and reclaimers, pug mills, blending and asphalt plants, weigh feeders and truck loaders, and any other application where a better understanding of bulk material flow is needed. SRO Technology can engineer a solution for this in our BA10,20,42 and 44 range.

Why SRO Technology Brisbane

At SRO Technology, we are committed to providing Brisbane with top-tier measurement solutions and weighing solutions, tailored to meet your unique demands.

Our expertise in bulk material handling and weighbridge systems positions us as a key player in the measurement solution industry. We understand the critical role that accurate and reliable measurement plays in industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture, and our weighing solutions are designed to offer precision and efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art weighbridges, offers dependable and precise weighing for a variety of applications. At SRO Technology, we are dedicated to delivering excellence in measurement and weighing solutions.

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