Dynamic Belt Weighing

SRO Technology delivers custom conveyor belt scales for multiple operations, enabling our customers to maintain accurate and reliable oversight of their processes.

Accurate and reliable information enables businesses in any industry to make decisions regarding plant performance and productivity.

In the extractives and manufacturing sectors, gaining a competitive advantage starts with analysing operations data. Conveyor belt scales contribute to this pool of information, telling managers how much of a particular material they’re handling within certain timeframes.

At SRO Technology, we recognise belt weighers are important components of any industrial operation. When assessing your processes, our installation and design experts determine how belt scales can add value to, and improve the productivity of, your business operations.

One system, multiple benefits 

While they come across as relatively simple instruments, conveyor belt scales deliver three a range of benefits, including in particular::

  • Measuring the exact amount of material processed in a shift
  • Ensuring the appropriate volume of product is used in batching and blending
  • Verifying loading and unloading invoices
  • Monitoring the performance of key components of a process

In other words, conveyor scales do more than measure the mass and flow rate of bulk substances. They also enable management to audit financial performance and exercise quality assurance over multiple sites.

Addressing stringent requirements 

To deliver accurate measurements, it’s imperative that belt scales are set up appropriately. These instruments must be aligned horizontally and vertically with adjacent rollers and support structures. This ensures tensile that measurements are not affected by extraneous forces.

For example, belt tension fluctuates throughout different parts of a conveyor system, and may change over time due to the age of the belt, the flow of material, the temperature and many other factors. That’s why plant supervisors must regularly check betl scales to ensure they’re properly calibrated.

Because belt scales must be configured on a regular basis, SRO Technology ensures its instruments are easy to work with. Between the exterior frame and internal electrical components, SRO’s conveyor belt scales are guaranteed to:

  • Require minimal downtime
  • Last an incredible amount of time
  • Produce reliable outputs over the life of its service

Manufactured for hazardous conditions, SRO Technology’s belt scale frames are built with galvanised or stainless steel, negating corrosion common in salt mines, chemical production plants and other such facilities. A self-cleaning spiral cage pulley speed sensor is just one example of how our instruments are designed to suit harsh applications.

Customer-specific systems 

No matter what your process, SRO Technology is prepared to accommodate. Whether you’re handling coal, sand, grain or plastic pellets, our experts are capable of choosing the correct belt weigher solution for your applications.

How do we do it? By assessing your needs and refraining from overselling you on a particular system. SRO Technology specialises in developing and installing cost-effective belt scales for the following situations:

  • Process weighing: When conveying applications require 1 per cent to 5 per cent accuracy.
  • Precision weighing: When conveying applications require 0.25 per cent to 1 per cent accuracy.
  • Custom weighing: When unique weight measurement instruments are needed for cable or aero belts, stackers and reclaimers, pug-mills, blending and asphalt plans, weigh feeders and truck loaders, and any other application where you need to better understand the flow of your bulk material.

In addition to providing custom-designed belt scale solutions, we’ll be honest in our assessment. If our experts believe that 0.25 per cent accuracy is conducive to the success of your operation, then we’ll configure the device accordingly.

It’s not uncommon for some service providers to assert the importance of high precision systems for the sake of charging more. Ultimately, we don’t make these assumptions unless we believe they’re absolutely necessary.

Dependable service 

Although we design our instruments to withstand punishing conditions, we’re not arrogant to claim our belt scales will never need maintenance or repair. In the event one of our devices encounters a problem, our factory-trained technicians will promptly address the issues to ensure you can put the belt scale back to work.

SRO Technology also specialise in a wide variety of brand-name belt scales and measuring instruments. So, if there’s one particular type of conveyor scale that you would like to work with, SRO Technology is fully capable of assisting you.