A wide variety of industries rely on industrial equipment. Mining operations, recycling plants, manufacturers and agricultural businesses all use heavy machinery on a daily basis. One might think, then, that the equipment used in similar workflows can be carried over from one organisation to another. Why shouldn't a mining business use the same belt feeders and weigh conveyors that drives manufacturing operations, for instance?

While all of these organisations may share bulk handling requirements, the nuances of that work are very important. Machinery designed for one specific application will not be a good fit for another, and it could, in fact, cause problems that lead to production stoppages.

Here's why businesses should only install industrial equipment that has been specifically built for their particular industry.

Material variances could disrupt operations

The materials harvested, extracted or handled can vary significantly across industrial operations and organisations. As such, the machinery designed to manage materials in one sector may not be able to handle production in another field. A good example are farming operations centred around a specific crop. Weigh feeders and belt conveyors only need to account for that one type of material that has a relatively uniform density and mass. Their work is relatively straightforward, although still very important to the business.

Weigh belt feeders and other industrial equipment designed specifically for your industry will better support your business.Weigh belt feeders and other industrial equipment designed specifically for your industry will better support your business.

Compare those circumstances with ones you would find in a mining operation. Even though one commodity may be extracted at a particular site – e.g., coal, copper or gold – the output could range from small bits of material to large chunks of rock and ore. More sophisticated machinery is needed to manage those needs and support a safe and productive worksite.

Inaccurate readings create discrepancies

Many industrial operations are responsible for providing the raw materials and substances that are used to manufacture different types of goods. The quality of the end product is directly impacted by the accuracy of a number of processes including batching, mixing, blending or loading materials.
If your industrial machinery is not designed and configured to your organisations' precise requirements, it may not distribute the right amount of material needed to manufacture commodities.

Weigh belt feeders act as a safeguard against such scenarios, but only if they have been designed according to the needs of a specific industry or even a specific organisation. SRO Technology's experts can help you determine what the right equipment is for your business, analysing your operations and creating the best machinery for the job. Contact our team today.