Level Measurement

Between controlling how much product is used in manufacturing and calculating how many materials an operation produces, level measurement systems are essential components of industrial operations.

SRO’s technicians and engineers are knowledgeable of the different level instruments on the market enabling us to choose specific solutions based on your operational needs, a key part of our design and installation services.

Selecting the appropriate system

There is no single bin level indicator applicable to every process. For instance, while one type of sensor is capable of identifying moving targets in dusty conditions, another kind of instrument would register inaccurate measurements. A list of popular bin level detection devices are detailed below:

  • Laser instruments provide accurate readings of various materials, from liquids to solids. Favoured for their contact-less functionality, these devices calculate measurements at any angle, and are used in the food, mining, power generation, chemicals, pulp and mining industries.
  • Radar instruments are cheaper alternatives to laser options, but are often better suited to water and sewage applications. In general, operations that involve liquid measurement can make better use of these solutions.
  • Ultrasonic instruments use sound pulses at a rate of four times per second to deduce the volume of liquid within a vat, bin or other holding asset. Because they do not require contact with the material, they are resistant to corrosion, coating or scaling other kinds of measuring devices contend with.
  • Weight instruments require contact with products in order to calculate accurate readings. However, these devices can measure levels for both bulk solids and liquids, and are often favoured when handling pulp, pellets, mining material and the like.

Based on the type of materials you’re handling, SRO’s technicians will recommend one of the four instruments and determine how to integrate them as part of a greater operation.

Averting problems

Level measuring solutions often serve as risk mitigation assets. Listed below are several examples of how bin level indicators prevent issues:

  • Measuring ore depth in truck dump pockets, notifying crew members when they can unload the next truckload.
  • Deducing the height of ore in stockpiles, thus minimising the chances of a boom getting buried in the material.
  • Detecting blockages in chutes, thereby prohibiting overfilling and jamming.
  • Assessing tank levels to ensure workers don’t overfill chemical liquids in holding or mixing tanks.

One of the primary benefits associated with bin level indicators and other such instruments is that they protect upstream processing equipment from disruptions. Silo and container spillage also cause certain problems.

By ensuring the appropriate amount of material is stored within bins, silos and other containers, operators indirectly support plant availability and reliability. This step also decreases the need for unscheduled maintenance and runaway capital expenses.

In addition, digital bin level measuring instruments eliminate the need for dangerous, manual conduct. For instance, some silos are about five storeys or higher, requiring employees to climb ladders to enormous heights with a tape measure. Measuring sensors eliminate this need.

Developing and delivering solutions

With the rights to design custom level measurement systems with instruments from Thermo Fisher C, Siemens, Vega and SICK, SRO’s specialists determine how these assets can serve as integral components of your operations. The key isn’t to adjust processes to accommodate new systems, but to configure devices to enhance plant performance.

Whenever developing solutions for our customers, SRO adheres to stringent quality assurance standards. With every endeavour we pursue, we must ensure our systems:

  • Generate reliable, consistent results
  • Are designed to withstand harsh production and extractive environments
  • Add value to your operations

Thanks to our brand-agnostic capabilities and willingness to learn about your operations, SRO delivers stellar services you can rely on from the moment you contact us.